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Loan despite Credit bureau for debt rescheduling

Debt restructuring has become commonplace. This can save a lot of money, especially for large and therefore expensive loans. Especially if you get a cheaper interest rate through debt restructuring. However, debt rescheduling is also often used when debt has accumulated with several creditors and these are to be combined into a loan.

So far no problem. As long as it definitely does not, as Credit bureau has noted no negative entries, this is the case, one has to look a bit more closely and look for the right partner for a loan despite Credit bureau for debt restructuring, so as not to look at one of the black sheep in the industry to guess.

The house bank can only help to a limited extent

The house bank can only help to a limited extent

First and foremost, many consumers turn to their house bank when they are looking for a loan for debt restructuring despite Credit bureau. In principle, a good decision, because you know each other here and can easily assess the customer’s payment behavior. But it may well be that the bank rejects the debt rescheduling due to the negative Credit bureau entry.

Then you have to provide collateral that can change the bank’s mind. This includes, among other things, a co-applicant or a guarantor who can step in in the event of non-payment and who provide a lot of security with their salary and their good to very good credit rating. Only then will the bank positively oppose the application and review its possibilities.

Loan from abroad?

Loan from abroad?

A second way would be a loan in spite of Credit bureau for debt restructuring from abroad. Here you can not query the Credit bureau and just ask for a correspondingly high income as security. However, these loans have a catch. You are limited to a maximum of 3,500 USD.

If you want to reschedule a large sum, the money will not be enough and you will have to find another source of money. Interest rates are also quite high here. If you want to reschedule a loan and not just combine debts, you should calculate exactly whether it is financially worthwhile with such a loan. Because if the interest on the foreign loan is higher, you end up paying. And surely nobody wants that.


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